If you log-in to the game on a daily basis you can gain daily sign-in rewards.

You'll continue to collect better rewards if you sign-in continuously. This means you can receive a reward just by logging in each day and the rewards only get better!

Items you can receive include:

  1. Lucky Bags
  2. Red Crystals
  3. Double EXP Cards
  4. Bijou, used for refining equipment.
  5. Purple Stones, used for upgrading equipment.
  6. Rainbow Shards, used for enchanting equipment.
  7. Socketers, used for socketing equipment to insert a gemstone.
  8. Flame and Fusion Bombs, items used to allow your pet to cast skills.
  9. Loudpseakers, an item used to announce a message server-wide. Using this will also cause the message to be displayed at the top of the screen, making your message more noticeable then others.

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