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Here is a basic guide dedicated to all Chrono Tales players about farming in game whether it's relating to experience grinding or farming for craft materials.

If you need to reach a certain level, or need materials for your crafting profession, this guide is certain to help you.

Exp GrindingEdit

At the start of the game from level 0 to 70, most of your exp will be obtained easily through questing but after reaching level 37, you will have to exert more effort in order to level up in game. Aside from taking up and doing the daily quests provided for you, there is also another option because daily quests are also limited depending on your level.

Exp grinding can be both boring and tiring. You will have to kill mobs or monsters in game to gain exp and you do it until you level up. Below are grinding spots or locations. Depending on your gears and killing capabilities, you are given multiple options.

  • Level 21 to 25: Praire Mammoths; Cruel Bandits
  • Level 26 to 30: Saber Leopards; Demoniac Gorillas
  • Level 31 to 35: Rock Lizards; Cruel Rippers
  • Level 36 to 40: Rock Toads;Fireape
  • Level 41 to 45: Mobs at Lost Village
  • Level 46 to 50: Jelly Grasses; Darkwing Dragons
  • Level 51 to 55: Mobs at Abandoned Fortifications
  • Level 56 to 60: Mobs at Holy War Wilderness
  • Level 61 to 70: Mobs at Crystal Mine
  • Level 70 to 75: Snowbanshee at Deathwing
  • Level 75 to 80: Rock King Lizard at Demon earthen spirit
  • Level 80 to 90: Demon Simpson at Supreme ulam
  • Level 90 to 100: WHAT THE FUCK!! ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Those are basically the locations to grind for exp. For fast leveling, use a Double Exp Card or Mini Double Exp Potion (crafted by Pharmacists), this will help you boost the amount of exp you usually get. Inviting other players to a party also helps.

On the other hand, you can also enter particular daily instances as the mobs there give bigger amounts of exp than the usual mobs outside the instance. It's as if you are using a double exp card. Plus, you get to kill the instance boss which not only does give a huge amount of exp but it also gives rare drops like gems or forging items, depending on the instance you take. And of course, you will have to take an instance that corresponds to your level. However, it isn't free while you need to have daily points to enter a certain instance. An additional note is the fact that double exp potions amplify the effect of daily instance exp and you can also use auto fight double exp to gain up to 3 times the normal amount of exp from instances. A random mob that once gave you 2,000 now gives you 6,000 exp and a boss that once gave you 40,000 now gives a whooping 120,000 exp.

Material FarmingEdit

Material farming is also a big part of the game. These materials are needed in order for you to level your profession as the game conceptualizes craft profession skills. Below is a list of collectable materials and their locations for the desired crafting profession in general.

  • Agate (distributed in the south if Nantes Rainforest)
  • Azalea (growing in Northern Prairie of Chroland Capital; also in Overridden Land)
  • Beautyberry (growing in Nantes Rainforest)
  • Celestial Flower (growing in eastern Elf Plain; also in Butterfly Valley)
  • Cold Iron (distributed in eastern Elf Plain; also in Expeditioner Land)
  • Crystal Jade (distributed around Werewolf Den in the the depth of Nantes Rainforest; also in the Adventurer Pathlet)
  • Ebony (distirbuted around Bighorn Field of Hope Prairie)
  • Violet (growing in eastern Hope Prairie around Hope Farm; also in Sunshine Ridge)

As materials for crafting come in at least two required items, other needed materials can be obtained from killing mobs for you to collect the drops. You might have thought that those mob drops are trash but they really aren't. Similar to how tiring and boring exp grinding is, you will have to do this over and over again, hence the name farming.

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