Siege war introduction:

Siege war is a war between guilds & lasts 90 minutes. 

The Siege War event takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 9PM EDT or 19:00 Server Time.Edit

  • Participants can gain points for their respective guild by killing members of the side opposite to theirs. Example: Offensive member kills Defensive member. The offensive member will earn a point for the offensive members.
  • Only the guild leader can choose to allow their respective guild to particpate. The guild leader will be required to use 1 War Horn to join the Siege War. A War Horn can be bought from the item mall (blue diamond icon) for 30 diamonds.
  • Guild Leaders can opt in to this event 30 minutes before it takes place.
  • Only guilds with at least 10 level 20+ members can participate.
  • The Offensive side can also gain points for their guild by damaging the flag.
  • The winning guild will be titled Castellan Guild of Chroland Capitol. The winner is chosen depending on which guild has the highest amount of points by the end of the Siege War.
  • The benefit to being crowned Castellan gains the right to tax every shop in the game until the following Siege war. To win, you (offense) must destroy the Chroland Flag. If the Offensive side fails to destroy the Chroland Flag, the Defensive side wins and the Castellan title remains theirs.
  • By being given the right to tax the shops within the game, members of the Castellan guild ranked senior member or higher will be mailed a percentage of the tax collected daily.